About Us

ICTR is a membership organisation of charities, focused on creating a policy climate in which philanthropy can thrive - through a combination of taxation and regulatory reform.

Since ICTR was formed in 1991, we have organised a number of campaigns to optimise tax effective giving, reduce the tax burden on the sector, and ensure regulation is appropriate to the needs of Irish charities.

We achieved a major breakthrough in 2001 with the introduction of a comprehensive system of tax relief for all donations (€250+ with no upper limit) to an Eligible Charity/Approved Body. And, in 2006, we had the Scheme of Tax Relief on Donations extended to include gifts of publicly quoted shares.

ICTR also plays an active role on behalf of charities in relation to regulation.  ICTR has been closely involved at all stages of the development of the Charities Act 2009 and is now firmly focused on implementation issues.

We are representing the interests of Irish charities and will endeavour to ensure that the new legislation meets the needs of the sector.


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